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English German Translator ·

  1. Bettina Behrendt

    High-quality translation English / German – specialist fields: law, business and politics

  2. Viva Verbum - Translation Office Christine Knospe

    Certified technical translator offers translation as well as software and website localization services.

  3. Ars Translatio - Übersetzen, Lektorat, Dolmetschen

    Fields of expertise: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer technology (hardware/software), wind power and solar energy—Documents: (operation) manuals, installation descriptions, brochures, product catalogues, data sheets etc. from English and Spanish to German.

  4. Website Development Company

    We have more than 7 years of proficient experience globally in all areas of website development and production. Our resourceful services include consulting, project planning, e-platform development, database programming, custom website design, Flash sites, brand promotion and Internet marketing. We use Open Source Technologies (PHP, Perl, Ruby, RoR), Microsoft Technologies (ASP, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net) and Java Technologies (J2EE, JDBC, J2ME, JSP & Servlet)

  5. Anja Leupold: Professional translation and proofreading services English to German

    Fields of expertise: literary, educational and tourism related texts, computer manuals and marketing material.

  6. Norbert Zänker & Kollegen, Translators and Interpreters, Berlin

    Norbert Zänker and Colleagues offers high-quality specialist translations for law and finance into German, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. We also do conference-interpretation for the law-court and television.
    Based in Germany.

  7. Heiko Schmieder, M. A. | Technical Translations English - German | PointTranslation.com

    Language professional for English to German translations. Fields of expertise: IT, telecommunication, market research, technology, engineering, websites and software.

  8. Übersetzungsservice Heger & Bergmann

    Wir sind ein Team aus einer staatlich geprüften Übersetzerin und Dolmetscherin und einem staatlich geprüften Fremdsprachenkorrespondenten mit viel Erfahrung. Wir arbeiten schnell und präzise. Preise sind abhängig von der Länge, dem Fachgebiet, der Schwierigkeit und Fristsetzung.
    Ihr Übersetzungsservice Heger & Bergmann

    We are a team consisting of one certified translator and interpreter and one certified foreign-language correspondent with a lot of experience.
    We work fast and exact. Prices depend on the length, speciality, difficulty and deadline.

    Your Translation Service Heger & Bergmann

  9. All European Languages Translation Service

    Translation service with native-language specialist translators for the languages in Europe. Translation and proofreading of technical and commercial textsfor the languages in Europe and partly Asia.

  10. Translation Service for European and Asian Languages

    Focal point is the translation of technical texts, such as operation instructions, service and maintenance manuals, safety data sheets, program texts, technical websites, catalogues and many other technical documents to all European and important Asian languages.

  11. Erika Baker Words4You

    English-German translations specialising in Environment, Energy, Christian Theology, Biblical Studies. Based in the UK

  12. lingacom

    provides cost-effective, reliable, high-quality legal, technical, business, medical translations, on-time customer service, always with a smile.

  13. SdS Translation Works

    SdS Translation Works is a modern international translation office that provides translation from Dutch, English and German into English and German. Specialization in medical and pharmaceutical, history and philosophy, psychology and training.

  14. Traduteca Translations

    Translation and proofreading from Spanish/English/Catalan/German > Spanish/German, specialized in medicine (among others, medical technical and dental), information technology, renewable energies and sciences. Tourism/food (also menus and drinks menus) plus
    travel and language guides and sports (especially soccer). Other specialties on request.
    Transcriptions and data acquisition are offered as additional services.

  15. Zimmermann Übersetzungen

    Zimmermann Übersetzungen specializes in high-quality translations and (sometimes) proofreading in the following fields of expertise: Banking and Financial, Business Administration and Management, Business General, Business Marketing, Economics, Finance, General, Law and Legal, Political Science

  16. NAATI qualified English and German Freelance Translator in Sydney Australia


    Purple Cow Translations, run by a native German speaker located in Sydney, is offering translations for German English. If you want to cut out the large agency fees and go directly to the source, then we are your perfect match.

    We can cater for small projects (documents, immigration, press releases, etc) as well as large scale projects (websites, etc).

    We can certify documents from German to English so can help out with any immigration translation needs.

  17. Jaeger Technical Translations * English Spanish German

    Karin Jaeger is a professional technical German translator, graduated from the University of Heidelberg in Germany in 1994 (German, English and Spanish). She has been providing top-quality technical translations to industry for more than 15 years now.

    Her extensive expertise guarantees professional translation and fine-tuning of highly complex technical documents.
    Close collaboration and dialogue with you ensures the final document meets, or even exceeds, each and every one of your requirements.

    Our primary areas of translation expertise include:

    * Medical

    * Pharmaceutical

    * Business

    * Legal

    * Information Technology

    * Environmental Technology, Power Generation and Electronics

    Translation services include translating in many file formats, editing and proofreading.

    For further information, or if you need a quotation for your documents, please don’t hesitate to contact us or send your texts by e-mail!
    You will receive our translation offer quickly – free of charge.
    Telephone +49 6223 868620
    e-mail: info@jaeger-translations.com
    Web: www.jaeger-translations.de

  18. Seelos Sprachendienste

    Regina Seelos, Accredited and Sworn Translator – Translations of mainly business and contract texts, but also technical and sworn translations or correspondence, business or private. Based in Germany.

  19. www.ina-brachmann.com

    Ina Brachmann | Language Service steht für umfassende Sprachdienstleistungen. Neben professionellen Übersetzungen biete ich Sprachtraining und weiterführende Sprachdienstleistungen in den Sprachen Englisch und Deutsch.

    Ina Brachmann | Language Service stands for comprehensive language services. In addition to professional translations, I offer language tutoring and further language services in English and German.

  20. Versiegelung

    SdS Translation Works is a modern international translation office that provides translation from Dutch, English and German into English and German. Specialization in medical and pharmaceutical, history and philosophy, psychology and training.

  21. Miriam Neidhardt

    Certified/sworn graduate translator English/Russian – German proofreading of German texts
    Vom Landgericht Hannover ermächtigte Diplom-Übersetzerin Englisch/Russisch – Deutsch

  22. translationsandco

    Professional translation services, interpreting and proofreading for your needs. What can we do for you?

  23. Cécile G. Lecaux - English-German translations, specialized in literature, Member of the BDÜ

    I am a professional German freelance translator, graduated from the University of Mainz in Germany in 1988 (German, English and French).

    More than 150 translated Books, hardcover and paperback.

    My extensive expertise guarantees professional translation of Your Book/Text.

    Close collaboration ensures the final translation meets your requirements.

    Translation offer free of charge


  24. CaTranslations - Übersetzungsbüro München

    Übersetzungsbüro für die Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch und Russisch in den Fachbereichen Wirtschaft, Finanzen, Marketing, Werbung, PR und Automotive.

    Beglaubigte Übersetzungen von Zeugnissen, Urkunden, Verträgen und anderen amtlichen Dokumenten.

    Direkte Anfrage & Beratung unter:

    089 820 736 80

  25. Übersetzungsbüro für die Übersetzung Englisch - Deutsch

    Übersetzungsbüro für die Übersetzung Englisch Deutsch, Übersetzung Deutsch Englisch. Beglaubigte Übersetzung Englisch Deutsch sowie schnelle Übersetzungen ins Englische und Deutsche.

  26. Lilo Kleinhans - Mehr als nur Übersetzung!

    Translations from English into German and German into English of economic, business and finance related texts as well as certified translations of certificates and official documents.
    Phone: +49 911 992 8724
    Email: lilo@lilo-uebersetzungen.de

  27. Ehrenfried Johanna Professional Translations

    Sworn translator for the Englisch language offers translations of official documents such as birth certificates, last wills, school diplomas, divorce documents from EN to DE and vice versa.
    Germany, Bavaria, Würzburg Region, +49(0)9364 8173845

  28. iGerman Language Matters

    iGerman is a professional language service for German and English. I focus on well-written translations, texts, spot-on language lessons and a highly personalised service, individually tailored to your demands to help you:

    * Reach out to your customers in their language

    * Demonstrate your professionalism and knowledge

    * Create trust with clearly understandable content

    * Explore a wider market.

    I work with international groups, small and medium sized businesses, individuals, as well language service providers. Assignments range from press release to product information, from banking to baseball cap, from incorporation service to iPhone application. My communication and organisational skills go hand in hand with my extensive knowledge of social and business habits and a professional language education in German and English.

    Let me take your language matters into my hands and make it count.

  29. AC Specialized Translations

    AC Specialized Translations was founded in January 1997 with the goal of assisting companies in the audio, video, music and media industry to achieve international success, by providing specialized, professional high-quality translations and related services tailored to the intended target groups.

  30. Food Translator English - German

    Food technologist and translator with in-depth insight of the food industry and almost 30 years experience in translating food industry, food science and nutrition related texts.

  31. lakèl translation - EN-DE and FR-DE for medicine, med tech, pharma, IP law

    Jeannette Lakèl, physiotherapist & specialist translator for EN-DE and FR-DE (German native), BDÜ member since 1997.
    2 main areas of expertise: – medicine (degree in physiotherapy 1984, degree in translation 1999), medical device, and pharmaceuticals – patent & trademark law (7 years of experience in IP law firm with international clients)
    phone: +49 871 45620
    mobile: +49 171 4425087

  32. ConTrans

    Fachübersetzungen in der Sprachrichtung Englisch-Deutsch in den Fachgebieten Architektur, Bauwesen, Recht und Technik.

    Professional translations in the language combination English-German in the fields architecture, construction, law and technics.

  33. lakèl translation - EN-DE and FR-DE for medicine, med tech, pharma, IP law

    Jeannette Lakèl, physiotherapist & specialist translator for EN-DE and FR-DE (German native), BDÜ member since 1997.
    2 main areas of expertise: – medicine (degree in physiotherapy 1984, degree in translation 1999), medical device, and pharmaceuticals – patent & trademark law (7 years of experience in IP law firm with international clients)
    e-mail: info@lakel-translation.com
    phone: +49 871 45620
    mobile: +49 171 4425087

  34. Jutta Mansutti - Translations, proofreading, editing and terminology work

    Professional German freelance translator provides translation, proofreading, editing and terminology services. Languages: German, English, French. Specialized in business & commerce, legal, technical and tourism related translation. Since 1985. You are welcome to contact me for further information, or if you require a quotation for your documents.
    Tel. +49 (0)7121 610018 E-Mail: jutta.mansutti@mansutti-uebersetzungsbuero.de

  35. Périphrase

    Périphrase is a family business offering high-quality translation and interpreting services in the language combinations English, French, German. We are three siblings who have lived in our respective cultures for several decades.

    Translating into either our German mother tongue or the language of daily use enables us to grasp the meaning of the source text exactly and to translate it into the target language in the same way a native speaker would.

    In addition, we have many years of wide-ranging professional and linguistic experience in a number of different industries including Finance & Business, Health & Pharmaceutical, IT & Websites, Leisure & Tourism, Marketing & PR, Not-For-Profit and Technical.
    Quality is paramount and therefore we work strictly to the four-eye principle; i.e. all work is edited and proofread by another translator before delivery. Since we do most of that in-house, we can guarantee strict confidentiality, if required.


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