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Italian English Translator ·

  1. Simon Turner

    Art translations from Italian to English. Over 130 titles published.

  2. JMW Translations

    High quality translation services from French, Italian and Spanish to English and vice versa. Company based in United Kingdom

  3. ABC Language Lab

    ABC Language Lab (interpretariato e traduzione a Firenze)
    ABC Language Lab di Firenze, agenzia attiva nel campo dei servizi linguistici, offre:
    Servizio di Traduzione e Interpretariato plurilingue
    Mediazione linguistico culturale
    Corsi e laboratori di inglese, albanese, arabo, romeno e russo per adulti e bambini
    Shopping tour e tour enogastronomici (Firenze e dintorni)
    Per ricevere informazioni più dettagliate sui nostri servizi, o un preventivo gratuito non impegnativo, visita il nostro sito www.abclanguagelab.it o contattaci tramite telefono 0039 331 2037061, fax 0039 (0)55 710473, Skype abclanguagelab

  4. Sarah Jane Webb

    Bilingual and bicultural it>en, en>it translator, specialised in:
    art, design, editorial, fashion, tourism, websites, CV, company presentations.
    Creative writing, re-editing.

  5. Legal English

    We are an Italian-based company specialising in legal and financial translations in English, French, §panish and German.

  6. ABC Language Lab

    ABC Language Lab, based in Florence (Italy), provides translation, interpreting, Italian language courses.
    TRANSLATION in over 35 languages of manuals, business materials and web sites, Translation from audio files, translation in the medicine, pharmacology and technical fields.
    INTEPRETING for business meetings and negotiations, hostesses and stand assistants for trade shows and congresses, assistance services.
    LANGUAGE COURSES, Italian language courses, food and wine tasting tours, personalized guided tours, interpreting and shopping assistance.

    ABC Language Lab Firenze Italy tel +39 3312037061 tel/fax +39 (0)55 710473 Skype abclanguagelab Mail info@abclanguagelab.it www.abclanguagelab.it

  7. Tedeschi's professional translations

    Tedeschi Marco, with a degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University “Alma Mater Studiorum” of Bologna, is working at present as a freelancer in the field of informatics and as a translator from English, French and German into Italian.
    Thanks to his experience, stored up in all these working years, he has specialized in several sectors both belonging to the technical sphere (computer science, machinery, electronics, electrotechnics etc…), and to the “classical” one (such as novels, tourism, marketing, gastronomy, art, culture), building in this way a cultural background suitable for the translator profession.

    He is able to offer to all customers who need it (translation agencies or direct customers) a faultless service for the translation of texts, manuals, Websites, tourist guides, technical documents as well as philosophy, literary books and so on.

    By making the most of the resources available on the market (dictionaries, glossaries, Internet) and thanks to the help of reliable and skilled collaborators, he is able to provide a first-rate quality service.

  8. NRZ translations/traduzioni

    Traduzioni di: lettere, pubblicazioni varie, comunicazioni d’affari, testi religiosi, testi storici. Translations of letters, various types of publications, Business communications, religious and historical texts.

  9. Translators of the World Unite ... (Steve Pastorello)

    As a ‘generalist’ I have been translating a wide range of texts in the IT>EN combination since 1986. As a ‘specialist’ I often translate legal texts (attorneys’ memoranda, defence, court sentences, notarial deeds, public laws etc), government documents (Italian Chamber of Deputies, Ministries and government departments and commissions) commercial/business documents (contracts, agreements, Chamber of Commerce certification etc)and quality control reports. Samples of work are provided in my website.

  10. BilingualDuo

    Our team:
    Freelance translator for over 20 years, having worked in Asia, America and Italy. English mothertongue, currently residing in Italy, having learnt by long experience that knowledge of the world and its many different cultures is an invaluable asset when translating, especially when dealing with different concepts, cultures and ways of life.
    Experienced freelance translator with a University Degree in Languages and Literature and a Master in Public Body Management and a background in finance and auditing. Personal passion for languages, linguistics, the world’s alphabets and literature classics. As a result of this background, has developped a particular interest in the nuances of language and use of words. Italian mothertongue.
    Specialisations: literary/editorial, the entertainment industry (television, film and music), marketing and P.R., travel and leisure, business, technical manuals, public finance, banking, auditing, medical, business and legal areas.


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